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In sports, a hat trick is three goals scored by the same player in a game.  In music, Hat Trick is the compilation of the best Alexis P. Suter tracks from her Hipbone Record recordings.  
Hat Trick takes a fresh look at past works and re-release some rarer recordings. 
It isn't a "greatest hits" package, but rather a presentation of where Alexis's musical journey took root. These songs are timeless and blues based, but also step into musical waters that are eclectic, soulful and hip. They were produced and mixed by Vicki Bell and Ray Grappone who are key players and co-song writers in Alexis's band today.
Hat Trick, the ESSENTIAL Alexis P Suter Collection, is a great look-back to songs and music that may have been missed by some. It is hoped that Hat Trick will be a magical and enjoyable journey for listeners and that they too feel the energy in these songs.