"It's a rare thing to share the stage with great talent like that young lady"
B.B. King
"She is one of those wonderful spirits, she's got her arms around you; you can feel that."
Levon Helm

"America's number one contender for the new queen of the blues Alexis P. Suter!”
Dan Aykroyd

“International Recording Artist Alexis P. Suter and her talented band are a must for any venue large or small that take their music seriously. She is as great off the stage as she is on. She is not to be missed!”
Michael Cloeren, Producer/Director

“Without a doubt the biggest voice and heart in the blues world today.”
Richard Briggs, President/Founder, Briggs Farm Blues Festival 

"This is nice! She sings the blues yes, but that simple statement does not disclose her abilities!"
Blues Matters Magazine UK 

“Alexis P. Suter has a big voice and knows how to use it. Whether singing about spiritual ecstasy or earthly troubles, her booming contralto, seasoned with raw emotion make every song she performs her own. "
Kay Cordtz, Blues Revue Magazine

"Suter is as fascinating to watch as to hear. A stunning, ample woman with the face of a cherubic African queen, her molasses contralto can whisper and purr, then swell into a pulsating wave of sound that radiates from the depths of her being. "
Elmore Magazine

"She's got a voice that could bring down the tower of Babel. She may be the best blues singer on the east coast. She's played the Midnight Rambles with Levon Helm for over two years now, but she should be playing in palaces and kingdoms to kings and queens”.
Joe Vignola, Long Island Blues News 

"What a voice, and she uses it to highly emotive effect! Fierce and ferocious! "
Lee Hildebrand, Living Blues Magazine

"It's all about a voice telling stories through music, and big voiced Alexis P. Suter possess the perfect a power. Her fire and brimstone expression is endowed with a complexity and depth that stands up to any musical style. Her profound lyric expression partners with her band to become another lead instrument, turning emotion into blistering music."
Art Tipaldi,Blues Music Magazine
"People, this is blues and raw R&B to shake your tree, make you dance and moan all night long. Really. All night long."
Suzanne Cadgene, Elmore Magazine 

"Fully integrating the depth and warmth of Gospel music with the the grit and deeper sensuality of the Blues, this release blends them seamlessly into a masterpiece of modern day Blues music. I love the way they roll, with this release. This will set them apart from the crowd, and earn them many new fans while cementing their place among the elite of the Blues."
Chef Jimi Patricola, Blues411